Adam + Dana’s Atlanta Engagement Adventure

For me, meeting people who love to travel is like meeting a long lost friend. When I met Adam and Dana they were visiting Atlanta for Dana’s birthday. This adventure loving engaged couple from Texas decided to take advantage of their time in our fabulous city and have their engagement photo’s taken. I was beyond excited to work with Adam and Dana, who are planning a destination wedding in Punta Cana later this year. Traveling to new places has enhanced my life and creativity immensely, so I knew that I wanted to create a memorable experience for them while they were visiting Atlanta. Luckily, they agree that no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have the one you love (and a little bit of ice cream) adventure is just around the corner.

See where our romantic city adventure took us by scrolling through the photos below!


Ice cream was the perfect treat for a couple as sweet as Adam and Dana-Photos by Rebecca Cerasani, Atlanta's premier engagement photographerA perfect sweet treat on a warm southern evening. Jeni’s ice cream never fails to disappoint!

The world faded away every time Adam and Dana's eyes met-Photos by Rebecca Cerasani, Atlanta's premier engagement photographerWestside Provisions has so many incredible corners for photo’s. While it makes my heart swoon as a photographer, I’m pretty sure these two only had eyes for each other.

If you’re wondering what to wear to your engagement session, take a note from these two! I loved how they enhanced their classic looks with fun pops of color! Check out this style guide for more tips on how to dress for the perfect photos.

Their love was an oasis in the city-Photos by Rebecca Cerasani, Atlanta's premier engagement photographer With music playing from the rooftop above, Adam and Dana danced together sweetly. They were met with applause and congratulations from the patrons of Atlanta favorite JCT Kitchen. It was such an authentic moment for everyone involved!

Adam was clearly smitten by his fiance, who in return, melted into his arms-Photos by Rebecca Cerasani, Atlanta's premier engagement photographerThe engaged couple's love was more striking than the city skyline-Photos by Rebecca Cerasani, Atlanta's premier engagement photographer

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” Lao Tzu

Dana and Adam met in college at a Halloween party. After some encouragement from her friends (and vodka) Dana approached Adam and struck up conversation. A week later, Adam called and asked for a proper date. Fast forward to graduations, moving to Texas and getting engaged over a romantic dinner while vacationing in Mexico and here they are! Planning a destination wedding to Punta CanaAdam and Dana are looking forward to a beautiful, adventurous and stress free wedding week with their friends and family. But according to Dana, “If I’m there, Adam is there, and there’s someone there to marry us, then it will be ok regardless of whatever else happens.” With the love that these two have for each other, I’m certain their day will be full of sweet moments, tender embraces and joyful laughter!

Cheers, Adam and Dana! It was a pleasure to meet you on one of your many adventures!


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  1. Linda Krauss says:

    Love these photos and the couple. Although being the mother of the bride, Iā€™m a bit biased.

    • Rebecca Cerasani says:

      Thank you for your kind words, and as Dana’s mom, you probably are a little biased. However, I only knew them for a short time and fell in love with the two of them as a couple!!! They are a great match!

  2. Kim says:

    My word. Girl! You get better and better.

    • Rebecca Cerasani says:

      Oh Kim, leave it to you to make a girl blush šŸ™‚ Thanks for always believing in me!

  3. Mandi says:

    Beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the loved rain!!

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