Anniversary Shoot: Brice + Belen {Macon, GA}

Belen is a fabulous, fellow photographer based out of middle Georgia. She took all of the photos of us for our website and we love them. <Check her out here> Last weekend she celebrated a mile stone in her marriage, 5 YEARS:) Brice surprised Belen with a lovely trip to Savannah to celebrate. When they came back on Sunday we strolled through downtown Macon, documenting their love along the way.

There is a comfortability that comes with years of marriage that is SOOOOO much fun to shoot. Couples don’t need time to get comfortable in front of the camera because they re already comfortable with each other. Brice and Belen are a perfect example of this. Brice held Belen with assurance, confidence, and complete joy all evening. And Belen, well you can see that she was loving it. The joy and passion that these 2 have for each other just makes our hearts and cameras happy. If you’re thinking in your head that these 2 are faking it for the camera, think again! We asked Brice what he loved most about Belen right before the below (right) image. He didn’t look at us at all during his response. Instead, he looked straight into Belen’s eyes and said…..

“Belen has a 1000 friends. No matter who asks her to hang out, even if it is her best friend and they are going to do something really exciting, she would first choose me. That’s what I love most about her…….. She always chooses me.”

That ladies and gentlemen, is why we love our job. Because having a photograph to remember that authentic moment, it is priceless.

Brandon + Jessica | Macon Wedding Photography

While there are so many things about documenting weddings that we love, documenting joy has to be in our top three.

Joy was what we saw overflowing from Jessica and Brandon throughout their wedding day.  On July 27, 2013, a family of two became three when Brandon and his son, Colton, added Jessica into their little family.  Getting to know them has been such a privilege as we got to hear stories from their pasts that told how much they have gone through and conquered together through love.  If we had to describe Brandon’s love for his {now wife}, it would probably be best summed up in a line from the song of their first dance… “I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.”  Their wedding day was the day they were able to bold and italicize how much they are dedicated to each other no matter what.  And they did just that on their day.  They experienced day with tears of joy, contagious laughter, and irreplaceable memories!  We are thrilled to be able to share just a peak into their wedding celebration at the Armory Ballroom in Downtown Macon, followed by a fabulous reception put on by Kevin of DKH Entertainment!

Wedding Venue | Armory Ballroom

DJ | DKH Entertainment

Cake | Kakes by Karen

Florist | Macon Flower Shop

Anniversary Shoot: TJ + Caroline Watt at Serenbe

Last fall Caroline and I {Leigh} struck up a conversation about weddings. She talked about a beautiful wedding she had been to full of fresh flowers and crystal. I talked about my southern wedding at The Belle House and my passion for photographing wedding day emotion. At that point she got quiet and said “My wedding day photos are very dated. I don’t have a single one on the wall.”

Caroline went on to tell me a story I’ve heard all too well from others. She talked about how formal the pictures were and that she didn’t really think about the photography whenever they got married. She longed for photos that showed her and her husband for who they really were; still crazy in love after 12 years of marriage and hopeless romantics.

Well, just a few short weeks ago, Becca and I made Caroline’s dreams into a reality. She wore a vintage dress that her late mother had given her and a birdcage veil. TJ looked dashing in his tailored, dark gray suit and had a smile on his face all day. {Take one glance at his beautiful bride and you can see why!} The Inn at Serenbe provided the perfect backdrop to document the love between these two.

Caroline, you are flawlessly beautiful. I can’t wait to see these photos on your wall in 20×30 canvas!:)

Throw Back Thursday

Just over a year ago, we had the pleasure of photographing Chloe and Nate’s gorgeous wedding at the Higdon House in Greensboro, GA.  Since her wedding, Chloe has pursued her love of photography and started her own business.  Go and see her work and show her some love on her FB page here:) She has been a busy girl photographing surprise proposals for her closest friends.  Seeing all of her recent photos made us reminisce her engagement session and how beautiful she looked!  In honor of throw back Thursday, check out their photos packed full of fun and romance.

Brandon & Jessica | Pineola Farms Engagement

Leigh and I got to work with Jessica and Brandon last week and we are so excited to share some of our favorites from their shoot!  About 8 years ago, I worked alongside  Jessica at Picture People — so to be able to photograph her engagement session and upcoming wedding — well that’s just off the chain.  It was easy to fall in love with the way Jessica & Brandon’s personalities just {clicked}, and their quirky sense of humor.  While we love to focus on the romance during our engagement sessions, there’s no way we could not get a peak into their laugh-out-loud humor that erupted randomly throughout the shoot.  You can see more of those shots in their PASS GALLERY HERE.  I hope you enjoy these images that were made with love from Leigh + Becca.