Warner Robins, Georgia Wedding Photojournalism | Michael & Terren

Oh. my. goodness.  I love weddings.  I love witnessing weddings.  I love experiencing weddings.  I love SHARING weddings!  I am so thankful to have found an art form that allows my clients to see themselves.  That is all I can say for now.  It is 3 am on the Thursday morning after Michael & Terren’s wedding, and I can not wait any longer to get these photos on the web!!!!  Congratulations, Michael & Terren!!!  You were both a joy to work with, and I am so pleased that you chose me to document your amazing day!!!!

The great thing about photojournalistic photos, is that it takes everyone involved right back to the moment.  A couple of the bridesmaids were goofing off and messing with the bride’s dress.  When Terren realized what they were doing, they both looked like they had just gotten caught, then started dying laughing!  I could say, “You had to be there!” but, really, this bride and her friends will always be able to remember this little moment of their day!
I love this shot taken by my second shooter {my husband} taken of the groom moments before the ceremony.Having a 2nd shooter allows for some extra “behind-the-scene” shots.  I am especially happy with the three below taken by Phillip!  I am usually at the front of the church and don’t get to see these moments!The newlyweds headed to the Robins AFB museum after the ceremony to celebrate with friends and family!
The infamous cake shots!  I just love these!So after cramming cake in her face, he gingerly wipes off her face…We all watched for what seemed like a few minutes…and THEN…Then came the dances with the parents…but Terren let me know prior to the reception that she and her dad had a surprise up their sleeve…;)The mother of the bride was completely shocked, and completely thrilled!!!After seeing the bride and her family, most of the guests were out on the floor right along with them!  The fabulous DJ, Laura Starling kept them dancing late into the night!All in all, it was a good evening:)

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